The committee works as a team to organise the activities of the society, ensure its development, make sure their activities are safe and effective and that the society members adhere to the code of conduct.

We currently have the following roles:

  • PRESIDENT- Overall responsible for the team.
  • SECRETARY- In charge of admin and organising the team.
  • TREASURER- Responsible for the finances team.
  • FUNDRASINING OFFICER-  Responsible for setting and achieving fundraising targets, by organising regular fundraising events.
  • EVENTS ORGANISER-  Responsible for organising events such as sport games, charity events and paid performances.
  • SOCIAL SEC-  In charge of organising regular social events for team bonding.
  • CAPTAIN-  In charge of team spirit 😀

We also have coaching roles:

  • HEAD COACH- In charge of over seeing all competitive teams.
  • HIP HOP COACH-  Choreograph and train the hip hop team.
  • POM COACH- Choreograph and train the pom team.